Perennials have remained a favorite of gardeners for may generations.  These nonwoody plants return year after year as larger, more mature plants, providing a perpetual framework for the landscape.

Some varieties may die down to the ground each year, while others remain evergreen.  Versatile and relatively easy to grow, perennials effortlessly romance gardeners with their profusion of color, form, size, shape and foliage texture.

Perennials are an excellent choice for bridging spring, summer and fall seasons with a continuous parade of color.  Design your gardens with varieties that perform well in sun and/or shade, as well as attract butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and birds.


Rich golden yellow trumpet flowers bloom early summer into fall
–         flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the landscape
–         each flower lasts one day – fresh new flowers bloom daily
–         attractive thick clumps of green grasslike foliage
–         excellent selection for perennial border or ground cover
–         grows well in average, well-drained soil
–         12-18” tall x 18”wide